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Child Safety Week 2021: Mums’ Choice for Pest Prevention

June 7th through the 13th is Child Safety Week.

For mums, it is just one week out of a lifetime they spend caring for and ensuring the safety of their children.

Here at MouseMesh we received a testimonial so touching that we reached out to the mum who wrote it. We wanted to hear more about the emotional and psychological toll that having pests can take on a family…

Especially a parent…

“The fact of having mice or anything pest-related just sent me into a sheer panic,” Anna told us.

She felt things no mum should ever feel. Scared. Dirty. Ashamed. She couldn’t focus at work because all she could think about was mice. There were points when she didn’t even want to go home at the end of the day.

It was a constant battle.

“Sleeping was out of the question,” Anna said, “I was thinking of irrational things like the mice getting into our beds if we were sleeping and hurting the kids.”

Anna’s concerns are not irrational…

While it isn’t a common occurrence, mice, and rats in particular, have been known to climb into the cribs of sleeping children, drawn by the smell of milk, or any food left on their hands or faces.

Anna spoke about obsessively cleaning worktops and cutlery time after time because she was so afraid a mouse had urinated or scampered across the surface.

She was worried that her children, and now a new puppy would find and eat the poisons she was having to use.

She felt helpless, panicked, and exhausted.

A home should be a safe haven, and for Anna and so many other families suffering from a pest infestation, it was not.

Anna found MouseMesh and a pest controller who helped her find the right size to fit over her air brick vents.

“It was an area ruled out if anything did get in,” she said.

Anna sealed up a known point of entry, and the pest controller looked for and proofed any other spaces he could find. He also took care of the current pests so Anna didn’t have to place anymore poisons throughout her home.

“Discreet, smart, and affordable.”

The peace of mind was instant,” Anna said, “For the first time in a long time I felt that my kids were safe. My house was clean! It finally smells fresh! I can have friends over and I don’t have to stress about them seeing a mouse dropping.”

The mental and physical strain of living with pests is real, and mums with kids feel it the most.

Help is out there! Don’t suffer in silence. Keep your loved ones safe and call your local pest controller to inspect and have MouseMesh air brick covers fitted to your home.

In honour of Child Safety Week, thank you for the testimonial, Anna! We’re so happy we could help.

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World Food Safety Day 2021: Pest-Proof Your Kitchen

Humane Mousetrap for Rats - RatMesh

“Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow.” This is the theme for World Food Safety Day 2021.

We are recognising the roles that pest prevention, pest control, and proper proofing equipment play in ensuring the safety of the food we feed our families, our friends, and our customers.

The World Health Organization estimates that 600 million people become ill due to a foodborne illness every year. Over 400,000 people die. Every year. From contaminated food or poor food handling practices.

We all have a story about bad food.

Contaminated food can contain viruses, bacteria, even parasites that can cause life-threatening diseases, especially in individuals with compromised immune systems or underlying conditions.

Food safety is nothing to take lightly…

So what can we do?

While most of us don’t have much say in how our food is handled before it ends up in our grocery stores, we do have a say in how it’s treated when it reaches our homes, grocers, and restaurants.

There are professionals we can turn to who can case our homes and businesses to make certain mice, rats, and insects can’t find their way in to dance their dirty feet all over Mum’s Yorkshire puddings.

The feces and urine of mice and rats carry diseases that are as nasty to contract as they are to say.

For example…

Leptospirosis – You can become infected with this through eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated by the urine of rodents.

Salmonellosis – Yep. Feces and urine again. People can get this by eating food or drinking water that’s been contaminated by an infected rodent.

These diseases are unsettling to think about. And there are steps you can take to reinforce your home or business against the animals that carry these bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The right stuff…

Pest control and prevention specialists have the tools to assess a premises and shore up voids and points of entry. One of the main entry points happens to be very common, and easily remedied with MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers and Inbuilt Air Bricks.

Pest control professionals have efficient means to deal with an active infestation.  You will be spared lost time and expense due to an outbreak. Or the heartache of dealing with the social fallout from food contamination.

Anyone in the restaurant industry knows the stress caused by the health inspector’s visit. Imagine not having to deal with that because you know you don’t have a pest problem.

You’ve called your pest controller. They’ve installed MouseMesh air vent covers on your property. Sealed up the gaps in walls and around appliances. Dealt with any current pest issues.

World Food Safety Day doesn’t stop here.

Take proactive steps to protect your family, your business, and your food today, for a healthy tomorrow and beyond.

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Got Mice? 3 Easy Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Does your home smell a bit “off?” Are you wiping the counters after dinner, only to see a mouse dropping here or there in the morning? What about that scratching and squeaking in the walls at night? You could be seeing the first signs of a rodent infestation, so now is the time to act quickly!

There are some red flags to look out for when it comes to these uninvited guests in your home.  Look out for these three easy signs of a rodent infestation.


No matter how many air fresheners you use, you can’t seem to get rid of that “smell.” Mice urinate frequently to mark their territories, and their urine has a very ammonia-like smell. Often the scent is strongest when the nest is nearby. Mice also leave droppings in seemingly endless quantities because they have to eat and chew constantly. According to this article published by LiveScience, the omnivorous nature of mice attributes to their mostly plant-based diets and frequent pit-stops.


Mice will make cozy nests for themselves and their offspring with materials like paper, fabric, and other fibrous matter. If you see bathroom tissue that’s been shredded, or bits of plaster that look to have been chewed, these are signs of an impending rodent infestation. It means they’ve found your house hospitable and are looking to move in!

If the ordinarily nocturnal creatures become comfortable in your home, you could see them during the day, boldly scampering along the floorboards. Mice typically take the same path time and time again, until they have it memorised. You can look for signs like urine staining and streaks, and the musty odor will be stronger as you close in on the nest site.


Very little is more disturbing than being woken up at night by scratching and squeaking in your bedroom walls. If you hear mice squeaking, they’re definitely calling to one another. They’re very communicative animals, just like humans. When you find a great restaurant, the first thing you do is tell your friends and family. Mice do the same thing when they discover a delicious morsel in the kitchen, or a particularly snuggly bit of insulation to nest in. An article in EarthWise explains that mice “make sounds to express emotions and to communicate where another friendly rodent can find food sources, water, and shelter.”

What you can do

By the time these signs become apparent, mice and rodents have already made your house a home. It’s time to take action before it gets much worse. Contact your local pest controller to implement a pest control plan and install MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers as part of your proofing treatment.  Stop animals at the door, and prevent them from becoming pests.

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How to Save Money and Property with Pest Control

Humane Mousetrap for Rats - RatMesh

Mice and other rodents make very expensive houseguests when they overstay their welcome. The diseases mice and rats carry, the food contamination they perpetrate, and the damage they cause will hold a hefty price tag when you’re faced with potential illness, repairs, and replacement of damaged property. What types of damage do rodents and pests cause, and how can you save your money and property with pest control?

What Rodents Leave Behind

Rodents will scamper over and chew open foodstuffs, leaving droppings and urine behind to mark their territories. Mouse and rat droppings and urine can carry diseases like Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, and Rat-bite Fever. These bacteria and viruses often require medical attention, which could be delayed as we fight this current pandemic.

The teeth of mice and rats grow constantly, which requires them to chew incessantly to maintain their tooth length. They’ll gnaw on anything, from your Persian rug to electrical wiring to pipes and flooring. This is an annoyance, or it is life-threatening. Mice have been to blame for structure fires after chewing wires and power cords, and have caused flooding after gnawing through plumbing and pipes.

Who Can You Turn To?

Pest controllers. These professionals will assess your home to identify locations of ingress, advise you on treatments, and carry out the necessary removal of the pests. They will install preventative measures like MouseMesh’s Air Brick Vent Covers to guard against pests entering your property through existing air bricks. The pest controllers will shore up voids and spaces around doors, windows, pipes, and cables to ensure your home is fortified against a future infestation.

If you decide to take the problem on yourself using traps or poisons, you may be faced with the animal dying in an inaccessible place, like behind a wall or under floorboards. In this case, a professional may be called to gain access to that space and remove the deceased animal.

The cost of replacing and repairing property depends on the extent of damage. If pests keep entering your home or workplace, you’ll be looking at repeating those same costs time after time. Depending on where the damage is, a homeowner or landlord could face a complete rewire or entirely new plumbing. Insurance will not cover the costs if the tenant is found responsible.  This is an unnecessary expense; funds that could be spent elsewhere, on far more enjoyable things.

The good news is that there is a cost-effective, humane answer to this predicament.

The founder and inventor of MouseMesh is a master builder with a big heart who has seen first-hand the damage, frustration, and loss resulting from such a preventable problem. He innovated MouseMesh to provide a compassionate, affordable, long-term solution for pest control.

Return on Investment

MouseMesh air brick vent covers range in price each from £6.95 exc. VAT to £10.95. With homes having between three and 23 vents, the average homeowner or landlord will spend approximately £300.00 to solve a problem at the source. RatMesh vent covers are a stainless steel investment against the most vigorous chewers at £12.95 to £21.95.

The Inbuilt MouseMesh Air Bricks  are the answer to pest control and prevention in new builds. At £14.95 each for stainless steel faceplates, and £11.95 for the durable plastic, a newly constructed building or residence doesn’t have to experience a pest problem in the first place. The solution is built in.

Why not stop an infestation in its tracks. Speak to a pest controller or builder near you about installing MouseMesh on your existing vents or building it directly into your new premises, and just be done with the pest stress.