Mouse Control Prevention Eradication

MouseMesh is an effective and long term solution to mice problems

How to Install - MouseMesh

Do you have a problem with mice and rats? If the answer is yes, you have certainly landed in the right place. Here at MouseMesh, we provide effective, long term and most importantly, kind solutions to mice problems.

Available in various sizes and colours to suit various air bricks, all of our MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers provide an inexpensive and effective solution to mouse control in the home, without using mouse traps, poison or glue traps.

Restricting one of the most common entry points for mice and rats to enter the home, our MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers ensure that pests are unable to enter the home, giving you peace of mind that your property is rodent free.

From the moment you get in touch, we will go above and beyond to ensure that you are able to find the best mouse control solution for your property!

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