MouseMesh Pest Control

Founded in March 2008, but derived in 2006 after our founder had his own mouse problems at home, MouseMesh has continued to go from strength to strength.

After struggling to understand why he continued to experience mice problems, despite removing them, the founder, who is also an experienced builder, decided to use his building knowledge to pinpoint the source of the problem and quickly realised that the mice were coming in through old cast iron air bricks.

So, he decided to temporarily cover the front and rear cast iron air bricks of the property with mesh, resulting in no more mice. And that’s when he had a brainwave to create MouseMesh – a simple but effective solution, and no more mice.


We quickly realised that almost every pest control method in the book dealt with the problem by using cruel snap traps, glue boards, and toxic poisons. It seemed no one out there was doing anything to prevent pests actually entering the property in the first place. Everything was geared towards killing, which is a pest control solution we try to discourage. So we made it our mission to show people that there is another way.

It’s possible to tackle pest control issues at home and work, without the killing of innocent animals. For us, prevention is key. Our business has been built on creating preventative measures that help reduce the use of cruel snap traps and toxic poisons around the home. Our retro fit air brick vent covers were the first products we designed and brought to fruition. We continue to respond to a growing demand for humane pest control.

We make it our business to deliver the highest standard of customer service when it comes to helping you to tackle your pest control concerns as quickly as possible. After years of working in the industry, we understand only too well how stressful mice and rat issues can be and how quickly the issue needs to be nipped in the bud.


Pest Control Company of the Year 2020/21

London Prestige 2020/21

Pest Control Company of the Year

MouseMesh Award for Pest Control Company of the Year

London Prestige 2019/2020

Pest Control Company of the Year

MouseMesh - Green World Ambassador

Green World 2015

Green World

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MouseMesh Green Apple Award Winner

Green Apple 2014

Built Environment &
Architectural Heritage

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BIS Award

BIS: Gold Medal 2009

Inventor of the Year

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PETA Proggy Award

PETA Proggy 2007

Best wildlife innovation

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Fantastic item!

MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers

Absolutely love these, they fit great over vented brick and
provide piece of mind to stop anything getting in. Easy to install also.

Big cheese!

MouseMesh • Stainless Steel Vent Covers

Good quality construction, feels solid and gives confidence that it will be durable. Overall good value for money.

The Perfect Solution!

MouseMesh • Built-in Air Bricks

I never knew these existed. The best and most humane pest control solution. Thank you MouseMesh!