We occasionally receive an email or letter from one of our customers. It is rare that they are not delighted with MouseMesh, having often suffered with mouse problems for years. If you would like to comment on your experience of MouseMesh we would be most grateful – please use our contact page.


This is to Cheryl. You see – customer service matters!!! Back for another order…Great product, great service! Thank you. Take care, Ted


Thank you so much. Excellent staff and efficient service all round. One of my other neighbours has had the contact details so they will be placing an order too. Once again many thanks for excellent service.


I would like to say a big thank you to Tony for calling me so promptly and for taking his time to explain to me patiently what I needed. After sending him pictures, He advised me about the air bricks mesh, and also advised me in detail, what to do about my drains, which was something he wasn’t going to get business for as it’s galvanised mesh. I can’t express how grateful I am to him, as in this day of everybody being online, being rushed off the phone by people who are only interested in taking your money, he makes a refreshing change. Since cancer treatment, with short term memory loss, some things go over my head and I need somebody to be patient with me to explain. Tony went over and above to do that.

I highly recommend this company.

Thank you so much Tony.

John Hall

I’ve just ordered 7 of your medium brown MouseMesh covers on behalf of our elderly friend and neighbour.

Our estate is quite new, having been built about 35 years ago. The construction is cavity wall with brick to the exterior and block inner. Several people have been trouble with squirrels nesting in roof spaces which has been largely solved by checking for holes they can access and sealing them up. Mouse infestation has been a bigger problem. Thankfully I didn’t have squirrel problems – boy do they make a mess – but did have the mice!

It all came to a head one morning when we awoke to the sound of something under the bed! It was a mouse chewing away at some packages we had stored there! Amazingly I managed to catch it by throwing my “T” shirt over it and I subsequently released it in the nearby woods (I’m a soft touch I’m afraid)

Luckily there was a pest control chap where I worked so he came and put down poison – twice – and I had the chance to ask him where he thought they might be getting in. The only actual hole he could spot was where the gas pipe goes in but he said there were no obvious signs that they were using it. I sealed it up anyway. He then mentioned that mice can get through air bricks and he thought this the more likely way they were going. The holes in the bricks are quite small and I was a bit sceptical about this but he said they were more than big enough and I should get guards. I did a bit of research and your product seemed to be the best (albeit rather expensive? – but you get what you pay for don’t you?) so decided to “bite the bullet” and buy yours.

I installed them with stainless screws and a little brown silicon sealant where the mortar prevented a flush fit. They were easy to fit and look very smart. The “proof of the pudding”, I’m glad to say, is that we’ve had no more mouse problems! (must be about 5 years now)

Then my neighbour, who’s had both the mice and the squirrels, noticed the covers and asked for your details – he’s had them installed for a bit over a year now and also has no more mice problems.

The 7 I’ve just ordered are for my wife’s friend who is an elderly widow (actually we’re all quite elderly!) who has had ongoing problems for years and spent a small fortune with pest control companies – still has mice! Her house is on the edge of our estate and backs on to the woods. I’ve had a very careful look at the house and I can’t see any obvious points of access so The air bricks have to be the problem – don’t they?. Anyway, she’s happy enough to give this a try and I’m feeling moderately confident this should sort it. I’ll be fitting them so it will give me another chance to look carefully for any other possible access points.

So both I myself and my immediate neighbour are delighted with the guards which have completely eradicated our mouse problems and I’ll be very surprised if they don’t solve our friends problems too. The quality of your product is definitely superior and they are very easy to fit – given that I’m a retired mechanic with plenty of tools and good hand skills – but any reasonable DIYer would find it an easy fitting job.

So, thanks for an excellent product. I’m actually quite looking forward to fitting these to our friend’s house. Who knows, with 3 houses in our street now sporting them, maybe others will want to know what they are. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending your product if they ask.

Alan James

My order arrived yesterday lunchtime and was fitted in the afternoon. Thank you for getting the items to us so quickly. Great service.

Kevin Herrmann, Elected Director, St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Ltd

The St Benedicts Estate has 12 blocks built in the 1980s with air bricks and has always had issues with mouse entry even when obvious entry points were blocked. On discovering the MouseMesh stainless steel grilles, we fitted them to two blocks as a pilot. Residents reported in a survey that signs of pests either stopped or were much reduced. We recommend these grilles and are fitting them to remaining blocks.

Neal Basden

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help, a fast delivery and a great quality product. They are ideal.
Kind regards

Maria Arnold

Dear MouseMesh,

I just had to write to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of using your mouse detterent products.

Having lived in my property for over 15 years and always have had a problem with mice. I was bemoaning this to a friend who recommended MouseMesh.

The air brick covers were easy to fix on to bricks using the recommended adhesive and now – no mice.

Thank you for my mouse free home.

Thanks again, Steve Harrison, Chelmsford.

I’d just like to say thank you to Tony at Mouse Mesh. Ours arrived within 24 hours and were quickly fitted using the adhesive supplied. I was very impressed with the design of these units, not only well made but look quite attractive too, covering up the grotty old terra cotta air bricks. We have been plagued by wasps for several years, entering the air bricks and nesting in the floor void. I’m looking forward to being able to sit outside this summer without being attacked by the little blighters!


Thanks for delivery of mesh as ordered, easy and helpful phoned in order, delivered as promised.
One (very) minor observation. We all have cans of screws in our shed but never the right ones for the job! perhaps the right size ones could be included in the pack?


I received the new mesh guard in the next day’s post its now fitted. I would like to thank you for your understanding and prompt resolution to the issue.I will be recommending your product and service to anyone who asks about your guards – Many thanks

Mr Saran

Hi, just like to say the stainless steel mouse/rat mesh is a excellent product. Very robust. Also I would like to thank the team at mouse mesh ltd for a very fast delivery and great customer service. Thank you.

Emily Shaw

I just want to thank you for creating a great resource on pest control. I’ve been looking for information on how I can deal with pests at home and I found good info on your site. I also want to say that your links page has a good number of useful links, and it certainly made my research a lot easier. Really handy, so thanks!

Judy Brown

I would just like to thank you for the amazing service re your MouseMesh. I ordered them on line yesterday afternoon and they arrived this morning at 8.30 a.m.

They appear to be just what I am looking for. Could I suggest that you mention slugs in your advertising as this seems to be a very common problem?

I went on line to ask about the problem and was amazed at the number of people who are also invaded by slugs.

Judy Brown

July 2013:

An update re mouse meshes as a solution to an infestation of slugs. I fitted the meshes and within a day we only had one slug trail. I assumed this was from a slug that was already in the house so put some pellets down. We have now been completely clear of slugs for weeks!! Thanks again

Mrs Jill Winslow

Very robust. Looks neat once stuck to the air bricks. Most importantly, the mice are sleeping elsewhere this winter and we don’t have to do any more slaughter!

John W

It is such a pleasure these days when companies attend to a problem in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to my business contacts, family and friends.

Again many thanks for your attention.

Peter Sissons, Broadcaster and Journalist

I just thought I’d give you an update on the MouseMesh that I installed in the Autumn – 17 air bricks covered.

For the first time in 20 years in this house, no mice have taken residence for the winter beneath the suspended floors.

Usually, at the first cold snap they move in. I know they are not there, because I have been away for three weeks, and the bait I have placed under a loose floorboard is untouched. Some years they eat cartons of the stuff. It is a brilliant, simple, barrier.

Happy Christmas!

Mrs G, East Ham

Even my DIY-challenged son-in-law managed to fix two MouseMesh grills to cover broken air bricks and they look quite attractive – black MouseMesh on a cream wall.

Joan Symonds

I have only good things to report about MouseMesh and would have no hesitation in recommending you.  I placed an order online some months ago and it arrived the next day.  I placed a further order a few weeks ago and when it didn’t arrive I telephoned – it turned out the package had been incorrectly addressed – it can happen – thankfully there are humans behind the scenes!  You very kindly agreed to despatch the goods again, just on my word.  They duly arrived and some weeks later our regular postman saw the original package on a doorstep far along the road, and recognising my name he delivered it to me, and I have duly returned it to you, as is only right. Great customer service, which I feel deserves recognition. Keep up the good work!

P.S. Best of all – no mice!  Brilliant!


I would like to thank you for the receipt of the previous order. I realised that I needed another medium which I have just purchased. I ordered too many of the small, but decided to keep them all the same.

As to its effectiveness, I will need to give it at least 6 months or more. I have a large Edwardian property with a cellar and could not understand why I would find mice running around as if it were their home. At least now I feel comforted that I have taken preventative measures to stop entry into my home.

Thanks for an excellent product and delivery service. I am aware because of the bad weather that it may take a while for delivery.

Peter Sissons, Broadcaster and Journalist

I have recently installed 17 MouseMesh covers on air bricks around my house – the space underneath the floor had become a cosy mouse hotel, particularly in the colder months. I found the covers very easy to fit, but not by running a bead of adhesive right round the cover. It’s much simpler if you fix them initially with blob of adhesive at each corner, then hold them in place for ten minutes with a brick. Then, if you wish, you can run a bead of adhesive around the top and sides.

Going round my house at ground level, however, I found a number of other places where mice might squeeze through – where pipes or cables go though the wall. I’d never really looked closely before, and I used foam filler on these other avenues. Clearly MouseMesh won’t do the trick if you don’t have a hard look for these other entry points – bearing in mind the tiny spaces that mice can squeeze through. All in all, I think I may now be able to claim victory – but only the very coldest months will tell. If they do still get in, it won’t be because MouseMesh has let me down – there’ll be yet another way in that I missed.


I was just reading (in the netmums.com coffee house forum) about your problem with mice and it’s alright to get traps and poison but that will only solve your problem for a short time coz they’re going to come back – mice can fit through gaps as small as a biro so block up all them little holes! Also there is this great mice and pest preventing product I found online its called MouseMesh and what is does is stops mice coming into your home through your air brick vents its really effective hope this helps here’s the web site – check it out: www.MouseMesh.com

Richard Strand runs pestfreehome.co.uk which features MouseMesh.

From: Ask the Experts in The Times, October 25, 2009 reproduced in the Times on Line


So far this year, I have been plagued first by ants, then by wasps. Now autumn is here, can I expect any respite? – D Ward, by e-mail

Insects can be troublesome during the summer, and this has been a bumper year for wasps, but you’ll be glad to know that, come autumn, most insects disappear (with the exception of a few species that live indoors, such as cockroaches, cat fleas and silverfish). The bad news is, they are often replaced by rats and mice. Rats favour compost heaps and sheds, whereas mice will find their way into houses and garages — a 6mm gap is enough. You can keep them out with MouseMesh grilles, which fit over existing air bricks. They come in three sizes; prices start at £5.95.

Once inside, mice will head somewhere warm where they can nest and breed undisturbed. Refrigerator and freezer motors are perfect for them, as are the insulation around hot-water tanks and pipes, the space behind bath panels and under shower trays, and the cavities beneath kitchen cupboards. Just keep checking.

Barbara, Elgin

Thank you very much indeed the MouseMesh arrived in the post this morning.

I’m afraid in today’s world when one doesn’t hear from someone, particularly someone you haven’t dealt with previously, and have only found on the web, you are inclined to worry that they are genuine – you obviously are!

I have someone coming to put them up for me in the next few days.

If I hear of anyone else who might be interested I’ll pass on your details as this is certainly the first time I’ve ever heard of them and in fact only found you because I noticed an ad in our local paper for things to block up vents in times of flood which we had in Elgin a couple of weeks back so their ad gave you business!

Thank you again for your assistance.

Lorraine, Leamington Spa

Hi There

Just to say thanks for the speediest delivery ever! I ordered 3 MouseMeshes yesterday afternoon online and they were delivered to me this morning!!

Excellent service. (Hope my hubby is as speedy in fitting them!)

Caroline, Nottingham

Dear Tony,

Please send me my mouse mesh, as soon as you have it. Caught one mouse last night and one the day before but he escaped as we picked up the (humane) trap!!

We need mouse mesh!


Success I hope! NO mice caught since I fitted the mesh and blocked up all the other holes in our house with expanding foam and we usually catch a few (or the same ones?) a week.

Yet later…

Still no mice- hooray!

Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence

Dear Folks,

I am delighted to have been alerted to your web-site and products. For the last ten years I have been operating a Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence service in London and the south east. As a wildlife consultant I specialise in resolving wildlife ‘pest’ problems without harming the culprits.

Most of my work is with foxes, but I also deal with call-outs about squirrels, rats and mice. My tactics with mice is firstly sealing off entry points such as air vents and air bricks, followed by removal of food sources and live capture of the mice, which can then be released outside. I have been making my own ‘mouse-mesh’ out of ‘car repair mesh’ supplied by Halfords and then gluing it over the air-vents. In future I will be delighted to advise my clients to purchase your ready-made products.

John Bryant
Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence
6 Royal Avenue,

Comments from Amazon Customers

MouseMesh can be bought from a variety of dealers, of which probably the best known is Amazon. Amazon customers are asked for comments on their purchases and we are pleased to display some of these below:

  • I glued this on to my air bricks with UniBond “no more nails” exterior adhesive. I left my ladder leaning against it with a piece of wood in between while it set for 20 mins. Stuck solid. There are four fixing holes and supplied screws but I could not be bothered for all that palaver.
  • I bought these directly as I wanted the all metal rat version (see stainless steel MouseMesh). ordered three covers just after Christmas and they arrived before the new year. a very speedy and efficient service. we usually have to add on a few days for post as we are in a rural Scottish town. The vent covers seem very well made and came with screws and hole plugs. we decided to screw the vents as the house is 100 years old and we may need to take them off one day. being of sandstone construction the wall can be a little bit bumpy however there was enough flexibility in the frame to leave no gaps.
  • The mesh is solid on the wall and it definitely would stop mice entering. It looks like it could take a bit of abuse from the kids football too.
  • Excellent product. Does the job very well and was easy to fit to all exterior air bricks and looks good.
  • Though intended to keep mice from under the floorboards, I found this product ideal for preventing wasps from crawling through the air bricks that ventilate the space between a flat roof and ceiling. Nothing wrong with letting wasps share your home, but over the years I found that whatever they did up there eventually discoloured older ceilings that did not benefit from a foil facing. See our page: Insect Pests: Wasps
  • Excellent – just what I was after and speedy delivery – would use again – thanks
  • Ordered 2 items on separate occasions. The first item arrived the next day. The second Item did not arrive – no fault of the MouseMesh. Contacted MouseMesh who immediately sent a replacement item which arrived the following day. Very impressed with level of service
  • Very pleased with the service. Product is great and does exactly what we wanted. We spent a lot of time looking in places like B&Q but could not find anything like this. Definitely recommend. House is now mouse proof.
  • We bought these for a neighbour after they saw ours – we all think they are great and other neighbours have ordered them too!
  • The item was as described, delivered on time and finally relieved us of our ongoing mouse problem. Excellent product!
  • Prompt delivery and as shown on the advert easy to install For anyone who is terrified of mice as I am this is a must have.
  • What a brilliant idea! We ordered MouseMesh to cover all our air bricks. They arrived within 48 hours and are now glued on! Very easy to fix and they look good.