Stop Mice In Their Tracks | Preventing Mouse Problems Before They Start

MouseMesh provides a unique approach to pest control, allowing you to deal with mice infestations safely and humanely, without the use of traps and poison!

For us, we believe that the solution to your mice and vermin problems is to prevent mice from entering your property in the first place. This is why we have created MouseMesh – a simple device that will help to eliminate the use of cruel mouse traps and toxic poisons.

This easy to fit, cost-effective product can be fitted over existing air brick vents with no interruption to airflow and boasts an easy-to-fit robust ABS frame with a stainless-steel mesh insert. This device is fixed via the screw guide holes at the front.


For decades traps and poisons have been used to eliminate mice and rats in both residential and commercial properties. However, although this can tackle rodent issues temporarily, our goal has always been to provide a long term, humane pest control device that secures the most likely source of entry by mice to your home or business.

Mice Control in winter time

Mice control during the warmer months isn’t usually a problem, as common house mice are content to live outdoors however, the first sign of a cold snap and they’ll scamper towards the comforts of a warm home!

And once they have found their way into your property, they can quickly begin to cause a whole lot of issues including nibbling on a wide range of everyday items that they find in their tracks including lead, rubber, plastic and even some forms of concrete.

The mouse is agile and clever, making it difficult to stop mice from entering your property

If your home has any openings that are wider than 6mm, this could spell trouble when it comes to rodent issues. This is because through a combination of squeezing and nibbling, the vast majority of rodents can easily enter your home! Oh, and remember, mice are also known to jump approximately 46 centimetres vertically, swim and can also travel upside down and climb up pretty much anything.

The solution? Discover our MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers!

Our MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers avoid the use of inhumane mouse traps, rat poison or glue traps!