Here at MouseMesh, we provide cost-effective, long term humane solutions that tackle mouse problems. Our innovative solutions stop mice from entering your property in the first place.

Award-Winning Pest Control

Our Mouse Control Solutions

Humane Mouse Trap - Small Brown Air Brick Cover
MouseMesh Air Brick & Vent Covers

Air Brick Vent Covers

Leading the latest mouse control innovations, we provide easy-to-fit,
cost-effective MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers that can be installed on existing air brick vents, with absolutely no interruption to air flow.

Humane Rat Trap - Small Silver Air Brick Cover
RatMesh - Stainless Steel Air Brick Covers

Stainless Steel Air Brick Covers

If rats are causing a problem in your home or workplace, we provide tougher, cost-effective rat solutions. Our hard wearing MouseMesh Stainless Steel Air Brick Vent Covers offer the ultimate pest control barrier.

Humane Mouse Trap Airbrick Grill - Terracotta Opened
MouseMesh Inbuilt Air Brick


Replacing the traditional air brick during construction and providing air flow and vermin protection, our MouseMesh PestBrick solutions can be installed in a number of different residential and commercial buildings.

Shaping The Future Of Pest Control

Prevention is better than cure! We firmly believe that preventing mice and rats from entering any property is the key to improved pest control solutions. So, rather than chasing the problem or making emergency pest control calls, we focus on preventing mice and vermin from entering a property in the first place.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice!

MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers

Absolutely love these, they fit great over vented brick and
provide piece of mind to stop anything getting in. Easy to install also.

Affordable Pest Control!

MouseMesh • Stainless Steel Vent Covers

Good quality construction, feels solid and gives confidence that it will be durable. Overall good value for money.

Finally, Organic Pest Control!

MouseMesh • PestBrick

I never knew these existed. The best and most humane pest control solution. Thank you MouseMesh!

Best Humane
Wildlife Innovation

We’re proud to have received a PETA progress award. We received the ‘proggy’ award ‘Best Humane Wildlife Innovation’ for our MouseMesh mouse control grills, which helps to reduce the use of cruel snap traps and toxic poisons, and as a result, encourages humane pest control.

PETA - Proggy Award 2007, Best Humane Wildlife Innovation