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Mice control has never been easier with our MouseMesh® Air Brick Covers! Available in three different sizes and six different colours, our grills have been designed to provide an effective deterrent, without impacting on the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Complete with straight forward fitting instructions, our grills are extremely easy to fit and all of our products can be fitted over existing air brick vents, with absolutely no interruption to air flow.

IMPORTANT: MouseMesh® Air Brick Covers must not be used to cover air vents which are being used for the ventilation of gas appliances. This is because the mesh may become blocked with dust, leaves, dirt etc. which would restrict or even block air flow and increase the risk of the carbon monoxide poisoning.


21 reviews for Air Brick Covers by MouseMesh®

  1. Cliff

    Bought 13 of the medium black ones for my mother as she get mice problems almost on a yearly basis as she had a park attached to the back of her garden and her neighbour grows veg in their garden. Since fitting these air brick covers we’ve had no issues whatsoever. Very pleased. Beats setting traps and shovelling the dead mice. Something I will not miss! Highly recommended.

  2. Gary

    Well built. Was easy to fit using glue. Installed them over a year ago and I’ve had no more mouse problems since.

  3. Ricky P

    Really impressed with this air brick cover. I was online looking for wired mesh for our restaurant and stumbled onto this product. Never liked the idea of nailing wired mesh onto our restaurant as it’s customer facing. This air brick cover looks great. We bought the brick red colour and it matches with our front really well and of course, has stopped mice coming into my restaurant…something you do not want as a restaurant owner! Thank you Mousemesh.

  4. John S (verified owner)

    An excellent product which is easy to fit either with glue or rawlplugs. Rawlplugs and screws should be included in the packaging.

    I have used these products for the past 10 years and have never had to replace on or had a mouse problem.

  5. Jim S (verified owner)

    Excellent products which really work, superb service with helpful advice at the end of the phone. You could not ask for more.

  6. Geoff Smart (verified owner)

    Excellent product- easy to fit with adhesive. Would definitely recommend.

  7. Kristian (verified owner)

    Easy to fit (I used adhesive rather than screws), and the items appear pretty rodent-proof. Also, excellent service from the company when I realised I’d accidentally ordered one too many – a quick phone call and the extra item was quickly deleted and the refund applied. So, all in all, I’d recommend the company and the product!

  8. Cuttlefish (verified owner)

    A brilliant product, which has stopped our regular furry visitors in their tracks. Great advice given over the phone, too.
    Easy to fit with adhesive. Thanks MouseMesh!

  9. Richard

    Excellent products and great customer service. I’ve bought several of the air vents and the new doorstep guard. Look great and do the job well.

  10. Jean Harrison (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery service. Vents were fitted with screws, which I feel should be supplied. However, they fit well and do not look unsightly. Good product.

  11. Anthony Chetfield (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Delivery was very rapid and they were easy to fit with screws. I had some contact with customer services via e-mail and the response was prompt and very satisfactory .

  12. Jan R (verified owner)

    I have just bought 14 MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers , as yet not installed . But I am pleased with them

  13. Lee Hicks (verified owner)

    Air brick covers
    Excellent product
    Excellent service, I have already reordered.

  14. Peter Miller (verified owner)

    I bought a number of mousemesh air brick covers and they are an excellent product – clear instructions, easy to fit and look very good. Also very refreshing to find that the company is operated by real people who are knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

  15. Graham Smith (verified owner)

    The beauty of the mouse mesh product is the ease of fitting – dead easy with adhesive. Aswell as mouse proofing our home we have noticed a huge drop in the number of wood lice trundling round the house. Very happy!

  16. Alan Gellion (verified owner)

    The mesh are good quality and as well as excluding mice have fixed a problem we were having of slugs appearing in the kitchen.
    I don’t think the adhesive is anything special, there are more powerful grab adhesives available.
    I ended up using screws to attach the meshes, this was a better solution anyway.
    The adhesive was useful to seal round where the wall was uneven.

  17. Ian Davidson (verified owner)

    First rate product, it arrived on time and I fitted the same day.
    Solved my problem with mice in the loft.
    I used the screws to fit and fitting was straight forward.

  18. Andy (verified owner)

    Moved into a new property about a year ago and discovered that we had a lot of mice getting into the air bricks which was a new experience for us, saw these online and used the red terracotta for the house and black ones to match the workshop, using these we have had no problems with them getting in through the air bricks, the glue was really great for fixing to the brickwork and Timber. thank you

  19. Richard T (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Simple in design, easy to fit and highly effective against fairly persistent field mice.

  20. Fiona Anderson (verified owner)

    Easy to put up and they look great on my white rendered walls.
    Much cheaper than getting a Pest Company to install.
    Would recommend and would buy again.

  21. Paul HEWARD (verified owner)

    Smart looking products and easy to install. Only wish I had found your company sooner. I’ve also fitted them to my neighbours house as well.

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