Rat Proof Stainless Steel Vent Cover

Why Stainless Steel?

Our years of experience in providing kind pest control solutions has shown us that rats are able to chew through the plastic surrounds of normal airbrick mouse prevention vent covers. With this in mind, we have developed stainless steel airbrick vent covers which are completely rat proof!


Our rat prevention grills (also known as RatMesh) are made entirely from stainless steel and are extremely durable and tough! Only available in the UK, our rat prevention grills are available in a range of different sizes and come complete with stainless steel screws to fix the grill into place. We can also export to other countries around the world.

Stainless Steel Vent Cover Sizes

The sizes are the same as our normal ABS surround MouseMesh vent covers. The smallest of our airbrick covers is designed for a standard airbrick occupying the normal nine inch brick from which the majority of houses are built.

Some airbricks occupy more than one course of bricks and so we offer two larger sizes.

  • Small MouseMesh: width: 245mm (9.75ins) – height: 95mm (3.75ins)
  • Medium MouseMesh: width: 245mm (9.75ins) – height: 170mm (6.75ins)
  • Large MouseMesh: width: 245mm (9.75ins) – height: 245mm (9.75in)

If you require further information about any of our stainless steel grill sizes, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our friendly, helpful and professional team is always on hand to help!