How It Works: MouseMesh PestBrick

MouseMesh PestBrick – newly developed long-term protection

With a long-term proven track record, the after-market MouseMesh grill has now been in use for many years when it comes to preventing mice and other types of vermin from entering properties of all shapes and sizes, via airbricks.

After all, pests can only infest a building if they gain entry, survive and breed in it. To minimise opportunities for pests it is essential that the design of new build properties and refurbishment does not create points of pest ingress. There is a real need for architects, planners and builders to recognise and minimise the risk of pest infestation and disease transmission within new developments, and ensure that they do not create conditions that encourage and support pest infestations.

Following the success of our traditional MouseMesh that covered existing airbricks, we have worked tirelessly to expand our range, developing a new mouse proof airbrick for the building and construction industry – MouseMesh PestBrick.

Pushing boundaries to overcome new challenges

Innovation is about utilising new ideas to solve existing problems and introducing effective solutions and that’s exactly what we have done!

Our investment in developing new unique and innovative products enables architects, planners and developers to consider pest control as an integral part of their planning and design. Our new airbrick is the product of extensive testing and research and is constructed to offer the strength to maintain the integrity of new build brick wall.

Humane Mouse Trap Built-In Airbrick Grill in Situ

A smart design with many colour options

Humane Mouse Trap MouseMesh - Inbuilt Airbrick Stacked

Our new airbrick grill is constructed in two parts – the airbrick itself which is designed to replace bricks during brick laying, and a grill cover available in many colours. The cover slides into place on the airbrick itself and the whole assembly is then mortared into the wall just like a traditional airbrick. Small spacers on the surface of the house locate the airbrick in the mortar and prevent it from moving once the mortar has set.

Features & Benefits

  • MouseMesh PestBrick Equivalent area 5790mm Per Unit
  • Integral clip together facility allows multiple airbricks to be stacked or staggered from 9′ x 6′ to as many as necessary to achieve airflow requirements.
  • Unique design allows for the airbrick to be stitched in with the brickwork a standard width level to pass between the spacers when levelling up courses.
  • The housing with its V shaped internal structure gives added strength whilst its unique rebated front allows for the smooth transition of the interchangeable fronts.
  • The 2mm x 2mm stainless steel woven mesh ensures a real barrier against vermin and other pests.
  • Available in quantities of ten units per box, one unit consists of one housing and one front.
  • The housing unit is only available in brick red with six different coloured interchangeable fronts to choose from. Black, White, Brown, Grey, Buff, Brick Red.

Wireframe MouseMesh Airbrick


  • Manufactured by injection moulding with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which ensures a particularly tough durable robust product.
  • Stainless steel woven mesh aperture 2mm x 2mm.
  • Equivalent area tested by L&F Solutions (ATTMA) UKAS accredited.

WARNING NOTICE: Do Not Use This Product For The Ventilation Of Gas Appliances