RatMesh Stainless Steel Airbrick Vent Covers

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Our rat prevention grills (aka RatMesh) are made entirely from stainless steel. They offer a tough and effective solution when it comes to tackling rat infestations quickly, safely and most importantly, kindly.

Extremely durable, our stainless steel airbrick covers come complete with stainless steel fixing screws to ensure that rats can’t prise the grill open from the brickwork.

Experience has shown that rats are able to chew through the plastic surrounds of normal airbrick mouse prevention grills and access buildings this way. With this in mind, we always recommend using tougher stainless steel airbrick grills, which will are impervious to rat attacks.

IMPORTANT: MouseMesh grills must not be used to cover air vents which are being used for the ventilation of gas appliances. This is because the mesh may become blocked with dust, leaves, dirt etc. which would restrict or even block air flow and increase the risk of the carbon monoxide poisoning.


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How To Install

There are two methods of fixing MouseMesh Airbrick Vent Covers: