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How to Save Money and Property with Pest Control

Humane Mousetrap for Rats - RatMesh

Mice and other rodents make very expensive houseguests when they overstay their welcome. The diseases mice and rats carry, the food contamination they perpetrate, and the damage they cause will hold a hefty price tag when you’re faced with potential illness, repairs, and replacement of damaged property. What types of damage do rodents and pests cause, and how can you save your money and property with pest control?

What Rodents Leave Behind

Rodents will scamper over and chew open foodstuffs, leaving droppings and urine behind to mark their territories. Mouse and rat droppings and urine can carry diseases like Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, and Rat-bite Fever. These bacteria and viruses often require medical attention, which could be delayed as we fight this current pandemic.

The teeth of mice and rats grow constantly, which requires them to chew incessantly to maintain their tooth length. They’ll gnaw on anything, from your Persian rug to electrical wiring to pipes and flooring. This is an annoyance, or it is life-threatening. Mice have been to blame for structure fires after chewing wires and power cords, and have caused flooding after gnawing through plumbing and pipes.

Who Can You Turn To?

Pest controllers. These professionals will assess your home to identify locations of ingress, advise you on treatments, and carry out the necessary removal of the pests. They will install preventative measures like MouseMesh’s Air Brick Vent Covers to guard against pests entering your property through existing air bricks. The pest controllers will shore up voids and spaces around doors, windows, pipes, and cables to ensure your home is fortified against a future infestation.

If you decide to take the problem on yourself using traps or poisons, you may be faced with the animal dying in an inaccessible place, like behind a wall or under floorboards. In this case, a professional may be called to gain access to that space and remove the deceased animal.

The cost of replacing and repairing property depends on the extent of damage. If pests keep entering your home or workplace, you’ll be looking at repeating those same costs time after time. Depending on where the damage is, a homeowner or landlord could face a complete rewire or entirely new plumbing. Insurance will not cover the costs if the tenant is found responsible.  This is an unnecessary expense; funds that could be spent elsewhere, on far more enjoyable things.

The good news is that there is a cost-effective, humane answer to this predicament.

The founder and inventor of MouseMesh is a master builder with a big heart who has seen first-hand the damage, frustration, and loss resulting from such a preventable problem. He innovated MouseMesh to provide a compassionate, affordable, long-term solution for pest control.

Return on Investment

MouseMesh air brick vent covers range in price each from £6.95 exc. VAT to £10.95. With homes having between three and 23 vents, the average homeowner or landlord will spend approximately £300.00 to solve a problem at the source. RatMesh vent covers are a stainless steel investment against the most vigorous chewers at £12.95 to £21.95.

The Inbuilt MouseMesh Air Bricks  are the answer to pest control and prevention in new builds. At £14.95 each for stainless steel faceplates, and £11.95 for the durable plastic, a newly constructed building or residence doesn’t have to experience a pest problem in the first place. The solution is built in.

Why not stop an infestation in its tracks. Speak to a pest controller or builder near you about installing MouseMesh on your existing vents or building it directly into your new premises, and just be done with the pest stress.