It takes an army to battle a pest problem. Enlist the help of pest control professionals to tackle the problem.

On The Job

A pest infestation is overwhelming and frustrating, but a solution is just a phone call away.  Help will come in the form of pest controllers who will be armed with the tools to identify how the animals or insects are gaining access. The professionals will have the means to deal with and remove the current pests, and fortify your home against future invasions.

Mice, rats, and insects are insidious creatures. They’re able to sniff out even the most unassuming little crack in your armor. From broken or large-diameter air bricks to a door or window that doesn’t fit in its frame like it used to, they will find their way in. Many times their ingress is as innocuous as the tiny hole in the concrete that feeds in electric cables or plumbing.

A Solid Investment

For as long as humans and animals are living amongst each other, there will be potential for a pest problem. It’s important to involve the professionals so they can isolate the points of entry first and foremost, so the animals can’t continue to find their way in. The pest controllers can then strategize how best to remove the colony or infestation as efficiently as possible.  It’s better to pay for the advice of a professional early on than face the damage and misery of an infestation in the future. Prevention and proofing are key.

Proof and Prevent

MouseMesh has identified air bricks as being a main entry point for mice and rats, as the rodents are able to fit through a space the diameter of a pencil, and are voracious chewers capable of gnawing through traditional plastic air bricks. MouseMesh Air Brick Vent Covers are easily installed by your pest controller and are a valuable component of your pest prevention plan or treatment.

Invest in the advise of pest control professionals when implementing a pest control plan. Your family, home, and wallet will thank you.