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Child Safety Week 2021: Mums’ Choice for Pest Prevention

June 7th through the 13th is Child Safety Week.

For mums, it is just one week out of a lifetime they spend caring for and ensuring the safety of their children.

Here at MouseMesh we received a testimonial so touching that we reached out to the mum who wrote it. We wanted to hear more about the emotional and psychological toll that having pests can take on a family…

Especially a parent…

“The fact of having mice or anything pest-related just sent me into a sheer panic,” Anna told us.

She felt things no mum should ever feel. Scared. Dirty. Ashamed. She couldn’t focus at work because all she could think about was mice. There were points when she didn’t even want to go home at the end of the day.

It was a constant battle.

“Sleeping was out of the question,” Anna said, “I was thinking of irrational things like the mice getting into our beds if we were sleeping and hurting the kids.”

Anna’s concerns are not irrational…

While it isn’t a common occurrence, mice, and rats in particular, have been known to climb into the cribs of sleeping children, drawn by the smell of milk, or any food left on their hands or faces.

Anna spoke about obsessively cleaning worktops and cutlery time after time because she was so afraid a mouse had urinated or scampered across the surface.

She was worried that her children, and now a new puppy would find and eat the poisons she was having to use.

She felt helpless, panicked, and exhausted.

A home should be a safe haven, and for Anna and so many other families suffering from a pest infestation, it was not.

Anna found MouseMesh and a pest controller who helped her find the right size to fit over her air brick vents.

“It was an area ruled out if anything did get in,” she said.

Anna sealed up a known point of entry, and the pest controller looked for and proofed any other spaces he could find. He also took care of the current pests so Anna didn’t have to place anymore poisons throughout her home.

“Discreet, smart, and affordable.”

The peace of mind was instant,” Anna said, “For the first time in a long time I felt that my kids were safe. My house was clean! It finally smells fresh! I can have friends over and I don’t have to stress about them seeing a mouse dropping.”

The mental and physical strain of living with pests is real, and mums with kids feel it the most.

Help is out there! Don’t suffer in silence. Keep your loved ones safe and call your local pest controller to inspect and have MouseMesh air brick covers fitted to your home.

In honour of Child Safety Week, thank you for the testimonial, Anna! We’re so happy we could help.

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Testimonial from Paul Prest Ltd

MouseMesh - Review

Normally testimonials regarding MouseMesh grills are one or two sentences, but that from Paul Prest Ltd ran to several paragraphs and we thought it worthwhile publishing the whole document:

Hi Tony,

I would just like to give you feedback regarding the small brown and medium MouseMesh vent covers I have been purchasing from your company for some time. Approximately a year ago and working for a large housing association for pest requests in Manchester I was looking at where most of my requests for service for mice was being received from and as to why?

I spoke with the Manager of the Housing Association and explained that I would like to conduct a free survey of a housing estate where we were receiving a number of rodent infestations to try and reduce future requests for service on behalf of the association.

Reducing pest control treatments as you are aware also reduces risk of poisoning with rodenticides by incorporating proofing measures to the exterior of a building.

The properties consisted of ground and first floor cottage flats with a communal entrance hallway. The blocks throughout the estate were long and connected. On inspection as to why mice were entering the buildings it was evident that the existing vents had large enough gaps for mice to enter wall cavities and into ground floor kitchens and up into loft areas of the upper floor flats year on year.

A quotation was sent to the association to place a very large number of small and medium size MouseMesh vents over existing metal vent grilles several pictures of prior types of installation were also submitted. The costing was agreed and the work was undertaken over several days. It was only months later and talking with my work colleague that it was evident that we had not received any requests for service within the areas proofed.

A year on and to date we have only had to return to one ground floor property for mice and this was only due to shrubberies which were camouflaging two metal air vents and possible entrance points for mice. Shrubberies have now been removed by the Housing organisation to allow light into the property and allow proofing of vents to be carried out.

A reducement of wasp nests were also recorded going into air vents where normally I would be treating several. Proofing of air vents dependant on age and type has now been rolled out throughout the organisations housing stock. Proofing to the property on the outside is always considered when attending rodent infestations so hopefully in the future this reduces any call back to same properties year on year.

I appreciate that seasonal weather changes has also to be considered but I believe that by carrying out integrated pest management including proofing measures on behalf of my clients this has assisted tremendously.

At Paul Prest Ltd we have just completed proofing air vents on a sheltered housing scheme and carried out a large survey for proofing of a scheme run by a private management company.

I also think it is refreshing in these times of austerity that the Housing Association Managers over the Pest Control contract organisations I work for understand that incorporating other measures like proofing will reduce costs in time.

Thank you MouseMesh Ltd