MouseMesh PestBrick

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Constructed in two parts, our MouseMesh PestBrick has been expertly designed to replace bricks during brick laying. Available in a range of colours, our MouseMesh PestBrick features a strong, durable cover that slides into place on the air brick itself. It is then mortared into the wall just like a traditional air brick!

Boasting unique interlocking spacers that provide the required distance between the air bricks to continue the cement line, the air brick can be stitched in with the brickwork just like a normal brick for a seamless installation.

IMPORTANT: MouseMesh grills must not be used to cover air vents which are being used for the ventilation of gas appliances. This is because the mesh may become blocked with dust, leaves, dirt etc. which would restrict or even block air flow and increase the risk of the carbon monoxide poisoning.



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