Are you in the market for a new home, selling your existing home, or building a new residence? There are some things to consider with regards to mice, rats, and other undesirable critters possibly setting up shop in your premises. Invest in pest control and prevention. Work with your local pest controller to customise a pest prevention plan.  

MouseMesh® has developed a kind and caring new solution to mitigate the risk of mice and pests entering newly built properties. By proactively installing controls to stop a problem before it starts, time, money, and your property can be saved. 

Consider that some insurance policies are invalidated by the presence of rats and mice on your property. This means you will not be covered in the event that pests chew through wires, walls,  or expensive furniture. A recent 2020 article on explains that Insurance companies see most occurring pest infestation as a result of poor maintenance upkeep. The thought process is that if the homeowner took proper care of their property, infestations would not have occurred.”

Additionally, if you’re looking to sell your property and there is evidence of pests, you may be faced with, “on average, a 9% decrease in asking price”, according to an article in The Guardian. On a home listed for £300,000, chop off about £27,000 if you’ve got unwanted guests living in your walls. has observed that “60% of people would be deterred from buying a property due to the presence of household pests.

Stop Mice Entering Home

If you’re building a new home, office, or warehouse, consider the long-term peace of mind that will come with knowing pests, their damage, and their disease are not going to be part of your life.  

Introducing the PestBrick. MouseMesh®’s latest humane mouse and pest prevention innovation can be seamlessly installed as a new build is constructed. The PestBrick is designed to be mortared into the wall just like a traditional air brick.  Its two-part modular structure allows for single or stacked assembly to achieve necessary airflow requirements. The faceplate of the PestBrick comes in six different interchangeable colours so functionality and style are never compromised. Considerate of levelling up, the design features nesting spacers along the housing to adhere to building standards. In keeping with our original design, the faceplates are equipped with 2mm by 2mm stainless steel mesh to provide true protection against the ingress of mice, rats, insects and other unwanted pests.  Bearing in mind the effect that rodents and pests have on the probability of resale value of a home and the lack of insurance coverage for pest-related damage, installing award-winning MouseMesh® PestBrick in new homes and estates can be reassuring to buyers and estate managers that their premises is secure.   

By incorporating humane preventative measures, you can build and live with confidence that your home is protected against mice, rat, insect and other pest infestation.