Most problems have a solution, the challenge is finding it.

Innovation is about utilising new ideas to solve existing problems and introduce effective solutions. The concept and delivery of 21st-century pest control solutions for the building industry is now becoming a reality. Our investment in developing new unique and innovative products is enabling Architects, planners and property developers to consider pest control as an integral part of their planning and design.

The ingress of pests in new buildings continues to be a health hazard and prevention is the only effective solution. However preventative measures can also be aesthetically pleasing when incorporated with innovative design, coupled with the motivation to provide products which offer the building industry the opportunity to build pests out and in doing so, bring real benefits to human health.

Pests can only infest a building if they gain entry and survive and breed in it. To minimise opportunities for pests it is essential that the design of new build properties and refurbishments does not create points of pest ingress. There is a real need for architects, planners and builders to recognise and minimise the risk of pest infestation and disease transmission within new developments and ensure that they do not create conditions that encourage and support Pest infestations.

Air bricks are one potential area for pests to gain entry, so use our MouseMesh inbuilt air bricks or air brick covers to keep mice, rats, slugs and many other pests out.
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