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World Pest Day: Recognising Pest Controllers

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Today is World Pest Day.

More accurately, it is World Pest Controller Day.

These professionals heed our call when our homes are invaded by pests like mice, rats, and insects.

It’s not just eradicating the pests themselves, but also the diseases and damage that they carry and inflict.

When you call a pest controller for help, you are taking steps to protect your family and your property. The professional will crawl into your home’s cracks and crannies, duck and dodge rafters and insulation in your loft, and paw through the hedges and bushes to find every space a rodent or insect could fit through.

They will go places you never dreamed you’d have to go. They will know your house better than you do by the time they’re done.

And this is exactly what you want. You’re delivering your home into the hands of pest proofing physicians and they will find the places that disease and damage are creeping in.

The pest controllers will proof your home from the outside, in. Once they’ve secured the perimeter, they will systematically work through the interior, efficiently eliminating the infestation. A return visit will ensure the methods are working and your home is pest-free.

So here’s to you. The pest controllers working to keep our families and our residences safe. Thank you for getting dirty. Thank you for going the extra mile. And thank you for making a house a home.