Mouse and Pest Control – Technical Data

MouseMesh and Airflow

MouseMesh are conscious that airbricks are designed to allow air flow into buildings and have commissioned a testing programme to measure the air flow through an airbrick over which a MouseMesh Airbrick Vent Cover had been secured.

The following results were obtained by L & F Solutions:

The equivalent area calculation for MouseMesh are:

Single ventilator grill equivalent area:: 10,380 square millimetres- 77% free air flow
Medium ventilator grill equivalent area: 20,780 square millimetres – 77% free air flow
Large ventilator grill equivalent area: 31,470 square millimetres – 77% free air flow

MouseMesh will not interrupt air flow, even with atmospheric conditions taken into consideration any perceived interruption is negligible. It is, however, advisable to maintain MouseMesh Airbrick Vent Covers once fitted by using a small brush to clear any obstacles such as the build up of dust, leaves etc.

MouseMesh Inbuilt Airbrick Long Term Protection

The function of an airbrick is to allow air flow into the space under suspended floors and in cavity walls to keep them ventilated and free from problems such as damp and mould.

MouseMesh has commissioned a testing programme to measure air flow through our pest controlled airbricks to determine their efficiency and to compare them with standard airbricks.

The following results were obtained by L & F Solutions:

  • Equivalent Area: 5790mm2
  • Free area: 40%

All members of ATA have been accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025, with a scope covering air tightness testing to ATA technical standard 1 and BS EN:13829 (2001). This third party accreditation demonstrates the technical competence of ATA members in carrying out air tightness testing, including calibration of equipment used and training of staff carrying out the test.

Strength Test for MouseMesh Airbricks

MouseMesh Inbuilt Airbrick Strength

In order to demonstrate the strength of MouseMesh Inbuilt we carefully parked a Mini Cooper on a couple of MouseMesh Inbuilts – they coped with the weight with no trouble at all – as these photographs show!

  • MouseMesh Inbuilt Airbrick Strength
  • MouseMesh Inbuilt Airbrick Strength

L & F Solutions are members of the Air Tightness Testing Association (ATA) and they may be contacted at:

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