MouseMesh Pest Control Solutions

One of the main advantages of our reliable, performance focused MouseMesh pest control solutions is that they not only keep mice out, but they also prevent wasps, bees, slugs and many more insects from entering your home.

Here’s a closer look at some of the humane pest control products we offer. All of our products are available in a range of different sizes and colours, and are fully tested.

Humane Mouse Trap - Small Brown Air Brick Cover
MouseMesh Air Brick & Vent Covers

Airbrick Vent Covers

Embracing the latest mouse control innovations, we provide easy-to-fit,
cost-effective MouseMesh Airbrick Vent Covers that can be installed on existing airbrick vents, with absolutely no interruption to airflow.

Humane Rat Trap - Small Silver Air Brick Cover
RatMesh - Stainless Steel Air Brick Covers

Stainless Steel Airbrick Covers

If rats are causing a problem in your home or workplace, we provide tougher, cost-effective rat solutions. Our hard wearing MouseMesh Stainless Steel Airbrick Vent Covers that offer the ultimate pest control barrier.

Humane Mouse Trap Airbrick Grill - Terracotta Opened
MouseMesh Inbuilt Air Brick

Inbuilt Airbrick

Replacing the traditional airbrick during construction and providing airflow and vermin protection, our MouseMesh Inbuilt Airbrick solutions can be installed in a number of different residential and commercial buildings.

How To Install

There are two methods of fixing our MouseMesh Airbrick Vent Covers: